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At Pediatrics of Sugar Land, we pride ourselves on our esteemed medical team. Our Sugar Land pediatricians are all board-certified, highly trained, and heavily involved in the local community. Our doctors have over 30 years of service and continue to this day to serve the community by offering distinguished pediatric care.

Our mission is to not only ensure that your child is healthy but to also guarantee that you and your child feel comfortable, safe, and heard. From the moment you walk into our practice, our medical staff will make you feel cared for while having your child’s best interest at heart.


Pediatrician Laura M. Burgos-Orta posing for a photo in a white coat.
Elizabeth Tram Pediatrics of Sugar Land

Professional Affiliations

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Kids' Health and Well-being: At the Heart of Sugar Land Town Center

As parents or caregivers, you understand the importance of prioritizing your child’s health and well-being. That’s where Pediatrics of Sugar Land comes in. Conveniently located in the Town Center of Sugar Land, Texas, our team strives to offer the most comprehensive health and medical services for your children.

Here at Pediatrics of Sugar Land, our experienced and compassionate team specializes in delivering quality urgent and non-urgent pediatric care, all dedicated to helping your child grow up healthy and strong. Whether it’s your child’s first dental checkup, navigating the questions surrounding ADHD, or an unexpected visit to the night light pediatrics for an urgent care issue – we’ve got you covered.

We understand that your child’s medical needs don’t pause when business hours end. We offer an answering service after hours and for that reason, we have on-call pediatrics and an efficient telemedicine system to answer your questions and address your concerns whenever they arise.

Situated at the heart of 77478, our center in Sugar Land, Texas, makes it easy for parents and caregivers from Missouri City TX and the surrounding areas to access our services. It’s our priority to be a medical home where you feel comfortable, heard and taken care of.

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An Array of Expertise

Our pediatric associates are some of the top in their field, including recognized experts in areas like ADHD, Weight Management, and Child Neurology. Our dedicated professionals, in addition to being renowned for their excellent care, foster a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Not Just about Healthcare

We are more than the health care we offer. We’re the pediatric partners of the Southwest, we’re the ally you need in raising healthy and happy children. From the minute you step through our doors to the moment you leave, our focus is on offering a pleasant experience, from the waiting room that feels like a cozy, safe space, to a team that works effortlessly to reduce the usual anxiety associated with visits to a doctor.

Get in Touch

Entrusted with your child’s care, we make it our mission to serve with utmost dedication. From addressing minor issues like flu to providing specialized care for special needs, every patient matters to us and we always strive to meet your family’s healthcare needs with grace and expertise.

Here at Pediatrics of Sugar Land, in the heart of the town center Sugar Land, TX, your child’s health and happiness are our triumphs. Visit us today, and let’s start a journey to wholesome health and delightful childhood together.