Pediatric Prenatal Visits in Sugar Land

When the word prenatal visit comes up, people usually associate it with obstetricians, ultrasounds, and the usual pregnancy follow-up. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until after the birth of your baby to meet their pediatrician. At least one prenatal pediatric consultation is advised, for a variety of reasons.

Feel free to call our office and set up this appointment with one of our pediatricians.

We usually meet with expectant parents at the beginning of the day, and will be happy to set up a time with you.

This meeting is a great time to meet our staff, see our office, and get to know the pediatrician.

There is no charge for this visit, and it is an excellent opportunity to sit down and discuss any questions you may have.

Pediatric Prenatal Q&A

How do I let you know that my baby has been born?

When you go to the Houston Methodist Sugarland hospital for your delivery, the staff will ask you who will be your baby’s pediatrician tell them Dr. Burgos from Pediatrics of Sugar Land, they will let us know and we will come to see you and your new baby.

When will you see the baby in the hospital?

We will come see your baby within 24 hours of birth. We will see you and your baby every day following birth while you are in the hospital.

When will we come in for our first visit after we go home?

This depends on several things- for example; if you are a first time mom and/or if this is your first time breastfeeding, we will likely want to see you within a couple days of hospital discharge. If you have several children and your baby is gaining weight well in the nursery, your first appointment may be when your baby is 2 weeks old. Of course, if you have any concerns, you can always make a same day appointment.

Do you support breast feeding?

Absolutely. Breast milk is the optimum nutrition for your newborn; however it does take several days for breastfeeding to “get going.” You and your baby will both be tired after birth, your milk may take several days to come in, and your baby will need to learn how to feed.

What’s the importance of prenatal visits?

Prenatal pediatric visits are important for many reasons. First and foremost, they will allow the parents to meet the pediatric team long before the baby arrives. The pediatrician will closely monitor your child’s health for the next 15 years or more, so they will practically become a part of the family. It’s therefore very important for the parents to meet their child’s pediatrician in advance, to make sure that they trust the doctor, they agree with their childcare philosophy, and that they’re comfortable with their doctor’s communication and bedside manners.

Aside from meeting the pediatric team, prenatal visits are also important because they will allow expecting parents to ask all the questions that they need. From immunizations schedule to insurance coverage, no question is taboo or off-limits.

What kind of questions should be asked?

Meeting the pediatrician before birth is a great way for nervous or worried parents to have all their questions answered. This will not only make the parents feel better, but it will also begin to build a therapeutic alliance between them and their future child’s pediatrician.

Before the prenatal visit, it’s always helpful to prepare a list of questions to ask or information to inquire about. There are no right or wrong questions, but most people tend to ask the doctor and their team the following:

• How long have you been in practice?
• How long does a typical consultation last?
• What are the office hours?
• How do you deal with emergency calls?
• Do you provide in-house check-ups?
• Do you accept my insurance?
• What are the coverage modalities accepted?
• Is the doctor affiliated with any hospital?
• What happens if my child is admitted to a hospital?

Do prenatal visits affect childbirth delivery?

Prenatal visits prepare the pediatric team for care right after delivery. In many cases, newborns may take a little extra time to adapt to life outside the womb, or may exhibit symptoms of certain disorders right after birth. This may cause serious situations such as respiratory distress or septic shock, which require immediate care and management by a pediatrician specialized in neonatology.With prenatal visits, the pediatric team has an idea of what to expect during delivery and is, therefore, more prepared to tackle any emergencies.

If delivery goes smoothly and no emergency procedures or care are needed, a pediatric examination right after birth is necessary. During a routine neonatal examination, the pediatrician will check the baby’s reflexes, heart and lung sounds, general state and will check for any obvious deformities or signs of distress.

On top of the routine neonatal examination and based on the information gathered during the prenatal visits, a pediatrician will be able to suspect any pediatric disorders or malformations that the child may have, and will specifically look for them right after birth.

How do prenatal visits affect postnatal care?

With the current advance in ultrasound technology and laboratory testing, many pediatric diagnoses can be made way before birth. In case of malformations or signs of fetal distress, prenatal visits ensure that the pediatric team is fully aware of the baby’s health concerns and that they will do their best alongside the OBGYN team to offer optimal postnatal care.

Not only that, but the parents and pediatrician will discuss their baby’s state and needs during the prenatal visits, and the right treatment plan will be agreed upon long before birth so that when the baby finally arrives, no time is wasted debating what to do.

Why are prenatal pediatric visits important?

Ask any parent and they will agree that their babies are their most cherished possessions. Since our little ones are so precious, giving them the best care possible is a necessity, not a luxury. There’s a famousquote that says: “fail to prepare, and prepare to fail.” And as it turns out, pediatric prenatal visits are the best way to prepare for delivery and to ensure a positive postnatal experience for both the newborn and their parents.

Aside from their medical knowledge and scientific background, finding the right pediatrician for our child may be a bit tricky. Qualities like clear communication, stellar bedside manners, and sharing some of the same values with the parents are necessary. These things can’t be known simply by reading a pediatrician’s resumé or visiting their website, but require one on one contact. For all of these reasons and more, prenatal pediatric visits should be on the to-do list of all expecting parents.

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