Pediatricians are not just doctors, they are more like partners in your child’s growth and development. At Pediatrics of Sugar Land, your child’s health is our priority, and we completely understand the importance of feeling comfortable with your child’s primary care physician. Exemplary healthcare is a basic human right of every individual, and we ensure to provide that.

Pediatrics of Sugar Land has a single objective of providing the best medical care and facility to your children. The pediatric Clinic at Sugar Land, TX is home to the town’s leading and experienced pediatric doctors, including:

Robert C. Mao MD.

Laura M. Burgos MD.

These specialist pediatricians and their expert team of medical professionals are always available and eager to provide medical care to children. We treat all our visitors as a family!

Appointments and Services offered at our pediatric clinic

At Pediatrics of Sugar Land, we offer a wide range of services, including routine checkups, allergies care, dietary and nutrition, Asthma care, including Lab Testing. But, above all is the routine checkup of your child’s health.

During a routine checkup, your child’s dedicated physician reviews the child’s growth, including the diet and development of your child. Furthermore, the physician makes the necessary recommendations to keep your child healthy. We ensure personalized healthcare services for all our customers.

The physicals are complete and include the requirements for sports and school needs. Additionally, the Vaccines are reviewed and updated during the physical.

Our providers and medical team are specialized in treating asthma, seasonal illnesses, ADHD, sore throats, and obesity.

Why Should You Choose Pediatrics of Sugar Land?

Experienced Pediatrics:

Irrespective of your child’s needs, the caring team and specialized pediatricians provide every kind of medical facility necessary to your child’s health. Our experienced physicians make sure that your child’s growth is normal.

Up-to-date and Personalized Treatment:

At Pediatrics of Sugar Land, we always strive to integrate up-to-date and evidence-based medicines with traditional caring techniques. Hence, we do a thorough physical exam of your child and answer all of your questions.

For the healthy development of children to full potential, we create a bond between children, their parents, and our staff so they can all work together as a family to ensure the best growth of your child.

Immediate Service:

At Pediatrics of Sugar Land, we ensure that your child receives a proper and quality medical facility when necessary. Every phase of the treatment is closely monitored with the help of a specialized medical team, so your child gets immediate and quality health service.

We are much delighted to welcome you to our family, so your child gets everything necessary for his or her normal growth.

Pediatrics of Sugar Land

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